Life Style Trends

Stay Fit and Healthy With Your Age

Most of the people are curious about their growing age try to find out the ways to keep themselves health and fit with growing age. This article tells you some tips to be health and fit as you grow older.

Physician Competencies for Prescribing Lifestyle Medicine

The leading causes of death for adults in the United States are related to lifestyle‐tobacco use, poor diet, physical inactivity, and excessive alcohol consumption. US residents with these risk factors have plenty of room

Mother's Day Shopping Ideas and Trends

You can get up to a 75 percent discount on gifts for this Mother’s Day on May 13th. Take advantage of the coupons codes and vouchers with RetailEM. Make this holiday worth remembering for your mom and explore a huge variety of gift options during this pandemic.

Eight of the best Mother's Day quotes from famous mums

It's Mother's Day in Australia pretty soon - and what better way to mark the occasion than with poignant remarks from famous actresses who are also mums? Here we go, starting with Austrlaia's very own Nicole Kidman.

Modest home on sale with secret rooms hiding an I Interior

A home which has been put on the market is attracting attention for its unique Art Deco design - Modest home on sale with secret rooms hiding an interior 'like The Great Gatsby'

Time To Learn About Money

An unexpected destruction of fiat currency has been advanced by the monetary and fiscal response to the coronavirus. Financial markets have yet to discount the possibility of such an outcome, but in the coming months, they are likely to awaken to this danger. 

Bulletproof your bank account during pandemic

Let's talk about one thing that can help your specific situation right now, no matter where you're at with your finances -- an emergency fund. Emergency funds are made for such a time as this.

Need To Know: Analysts Just Made A Substantial Cut To Their Trainline Plc Estimates

The latest analyst coverage could presage a bad day for Trainline Plc (LON:TRN), with the analysts making across-the-board cuts to their statutory estimates that might leave shareholders a little shell-shocked.

Knutsford gift shop Zo and Co is helping people celebrate occasions while in lockdown

AN AWARD-winning Knutsford gift shop is offering free delivery on greetings cards to help bring some

Top Brands to Watch for in New Year 2020

As a year wraps up, it takes away all the blues with it! With those fireworks in the sky at midnight, let all your sorrows, worries, doubts, and nags reduce to ashes. Welcome the new year 2020 with perky hearts and do all that makes you all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.